Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fresh Tomatoes and Brilliant Blogs

First off, I must introduce you to my first tomato of the season. Tiny it may be, but MAN, there is **nothing** like a tomato fresh off the vine. I spent a few minutes contemplating how to use the first one, but then I decided to just straight up eat it, sliced, with a little bit of salt, and unghghghghg. So good.

Next to it, you see the avocado in question. Clearly proud of its size. But again: nowhere NEAR as sexy as the fresh, ripe tomato, straight from the vine.

In other news:

Poopie Bitch (hee hee) nominated me for a Brilliante Weblog Award, as did Madcap Cupcake and Pink-Haired Girl, and I thank you all for being such big sweethearts.

In return, I'm supposed to nominate seven others for their Brilliant Blogs. I've noticed a lot of my favs have already been nominated, so I'm gonna try to pick folks who *I don't think* have had the award bestowed upon them yet. So here goes:

  • Where's the Revolution: Still cute. Still sassy. Still wicked smart. And still won't marry me. Because she supposedly has a "boyfriend" and stuff. Fah.

  • Have Cake, Will Travel: Surely someone must've nominated her, and yet I'm not seeing the nifty little award. So... BLAM! There you go. If food were naked ladies, HCWT's blog would be featuring some of the FINEST goddamn women in town.

  • Tofu for Two: They deserve it for the banner alone because it's cute to the point of almost being nauseating (the GOOD kind of nauseating, like when you eat a whole 1/2 gallon of Tofutti Cookie Crunch in 30 minutes while drooling over House, MD). And then to top THAT off, the pics are all SORTS of delicious, the layout rocks, and the recipes look ridiculously tasty. So yeah.

  • Vegan Epicurean Stealth Testers: They haven't posted in months, but I still think they deserve a shout-out, because the idea behind the page is brilliant: Multiple food-testers trying out the same recipe and then rating it based on difficulty, ease of finding ingredients, taste, texture, and omni-friendliness. Hopefully if they happen to see themselves mentioned here, it'll guilt them into posting again. GUILT!

  • Vegan.Chicks.Rock: Because you know what? Vegan chicks DO rock. As does SaraJane's drool-worthy pictures.

And just to note, PinkHaired Girl, I would've totally nominated you had you not already been a recipient, mostly just because your most recent post made me laught out loud. But also because you have Pink Hair. And are awesome.

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