Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Latest in "The Most Bizarre Google Searches by Which People Stumble Across This Blog"

(For previous editions: click HERE.)

I think this first one may be my all-time favorite, mostly just because I picture some dude awkwardly clunking away at his keyboard with hands the size of small Buicks, desperately trying to figure out why, god why...

  • what is in cheap hotdogs that would make your hands swell

  • why did my banana bread cook up like foam to the touch and not brown

  • history of the angel hair with cherry tomatoes and basil was invented

  • what is a vegan dessert that tastes like real food

  • vegetarian commercial shit cow

  • eating the testicles of man

  • pumpkin libido

  • is oily feces bad

  • husband eats shit

  • vegans get higher off weed

  • oily feces and sushi

  • fuck vegans

  • no testicles

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