Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Get Yourself a Man in 2 Simple Steps: Bright Blue 1970s Roller Skates, and Mint Couscous (Which Aren't Really Steps So Much as ITEMS, But Deal)

True story: I once greeted a boy at my door while dressed in a corset, garter, stockings, lacy underwear, and bright blue 1970s roller skates. We were together for like 4+ years after that. And I no doubt owe it all to my bright blue 1970s roller skates.

The Minted Mediterranean Couscous recipe from Christina Cooks: EXACTLY like the aforementioned ensemble. Delicate couscous, sultry roasted red peppers, pungent olives, and chickpeas drizzled in olive oil, orange and lemon juice, and tossed with.... FRAGRANT ZESTY MINT?!?!?!?

Perhaps I am just naive when it comes to flavor medleys, but when I think of olives, red peppers, chickpeas, and citric juices, my mind doesn't immediately jump to mint. In fact, it probably wouldn't EVER jump to mint.

And yet: bright blue 1970s roller skates: it somehow works. Especially coupled with the pungent, bitter olives. They've got this weirdly sexy little dance going on with one another.

Unfortunately I couldn't track the recipe down on the internet to share with you, but I will definitely say--it's worth getting ahold of. So get ye to the library. And also get ye to some 1970s bright blue roller skates. The fellas will be ALL up in that.

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Amanda said...

You just got the one letter wrong ;) Cous cous looks good!