Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lazy, Like Your Mom, In the Sack, This Weekend, Comma



Not only am I lazy, I am also incompetent (inCOMPETent, not inCONTINent) and forgot to bring in anything related to anything recipe-ish today (and I had a bunch of stuff too!). *sigh*

And I'm not even feeling witty today either!


Mea culpa.

Instead I will share a picture of an awesome peanut butter pie that my friend P made for us a couple weekends ago for dessert:

Unfortunately the leftovers weren't taken home, so I ended up gorging on pie all week.

*Tears of bloated fatness*

I also share a pic of a souped-up version of the Veganomicon banana bread I made last week. It was layered with a mix of walnuts, brown sugar, and semi-sweet chocolate chips to the point of not even resembling banana bread anymore. It was the kind of banana bread you were always hoping for when you were little, but instead you'd just get shitty boring banana bread with those inexplicable brown squiggle-like brown things strewn throughout that you just had a hard time bringing yourself to eat. Who needs that shit when you can have pure unadulterated sugar? Topped with chocolate? Topped with sugar? Yeah.

PS. I swear I will post something useful tomorrow. Unless I don't.

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