Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cleveland VeganZ Unite! And Booze!

So a brilliant vegan co-worker of mine stumbled across this Vegan Drinks website, and came up with the brilliant idea of starting our OWN vegan drinking group for the Cleveland area! (Did I mention that she's brilliant??)

Click on the pic to visit our Cleveland VeganZ blog...

It's going to be one Friday night every month, and the location will vary each month (sometimes eastside, sometimes westside, but always some place plentiful with booze).

Anyways, though we haven't settled on a definite date for the inaugaral drinking event, it will probably be the last Friday in June. And I do have the blog up and running, so I encourage you all to check it out (and/or sign up for the mailing list).

If you're a vegan in the Cleveland area, we hope (nay, DEMAND) to see you there. This means you, Kevin, Suz, Veggie Girl, and Kim (and other people that I know I am leaving out and will probably add later, while feeling bad for being senile)!

And if you're a vegan Clevelander who would like to have a link to your blog posted on our page, please email us and let us know. It's all about the social-networking, babies!

Oh, and finally, if you'd like to support our social-networking *COUveganboozingGH* idea, feel free to post this image on your page and link to Cleveland VeganZ! Or you can also just mail us avocados. (Yes, I'll exploit pretty much ANYTHING to get free avocados!)

And please spread the word, of course! If you know someone in Cleveland who is vegan or interested in veganism, send them a link or, even better, chain them to the roof of your car and drag them along!

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