Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Corn and Edamame-Sesame Salad

                                    from Veganomicon

For some reason, eating shelled edamame reminds me of eating many tiny Kermits.


Which would be vegan, I believe, seeing as Kermit (close your ears, kiddies) is just a puppet. And unless you took a nice big chunk out of the hand underneath, all you'd really be feasting on is felt.

So yeah: many tiny Kermits.

All in all, I liked this salad. It's nice, crisp, spring-like, and simple. I served it over some greens, and it's made for a tasty (though unfortunately not super-filling) lunch.

I must take pause though to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart, and that is the topic of lettuce salads. I hate them. Lettuce salads are, to me, akin to fingernails on a blackboard. As soon as you toss lettuce into any salad I'm eating, I am promptly bored with it.

Things that I find strange about lettuce salads:
  1. Why would ANYONE ever order a lettuce-salad at a restaurant FOR THEIR MEAL? This blows my mind. No matter HOW much shit you soup that thing up with--fancy rims, spoilers, bass, etc.--it STILL JUST TASTES LIKE A BORING LETTUCE SALAD. So why would you go out to eat AND ORDER ONE? Seriously. Especially when they're typically RETARDEDLY overpriced. $9 for a lettuce salad? F-ing bite me, dude. When I see people actually ORDER these at restaurants, I always suspect that perhaps their bodies have actually been taken over by pod-people. Go wander into someone's garden and just start gnawing, for god's sake. Save yourself 9 excruciating bucks.

  2. Why would you ever MAKE one of these as a meal at home? I mean, unless all your limbs have been chopped off while you are simultaneously (and inexplicably) filled with an excruciating and insatiable hunger, and the only thing that you can possibly do (after FINALLY getting that damn refrigerator door open with your stumps) is rip open a bag of loose-greens with your teeth and then start a-gnawing, why would you EVER make this choice? There's SO much more interesting stuff to make. Other than flaccid boring unoriginal lettuce. OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY. I have never once thought, in my whole life, man, I really think I'd just like me a nice bowl of lettuce with some shit thrown on top of it.

  3. I feel like I had a third thing to ramble about, but I've gotten all flustered and overly-excited in shouting about the first two that I forget what it is. So: on to the recipe.


  • 2 T. toasted sesame oil

  • 1 T. rice vinegar (or any vinegar works fine)

  • 2 t. tamari or soy sauce

  • 2 c. frozen, shelled edamame

  • 1 c. fresh corn (1 or 2 ear, depending on the size) or partially frozen corn

  • 2 T. toasted sesame seeds

  • Generous pinch of salt


Bring a a big pot of water to a boil. Meanwhile, whisk all the dressing ingredients in a medium-size mixing bowl.

Boil the edamame for 3 minutes. Add the corn and boil for another 2 minutes. Drain into a colander and run under cold water until cool enough to touch. Add the edamame and corn to the dressing and toss to combine. Add the sesame seeds and toss again. Salt to taste. Cover and chill at least 15 minutes. Yum!

(As posted on Splendid Sustenance)


Dugal said...

Dig your blog and rantings. Thanks for posting this so I can make it tonight. I miss my Veganomicon cookbook.

Dugal said...

Dig your blog and rantings. Thanks for posting one of my favorites from Veganomicon. I miss that cookbook. I should go buy it again.