Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh So Nekkid

Apparently I am a moron and left the recipe I was going to post today at home.

Woot fricking woot.

So instead, I'm just gonna post some gratuitous left-over food p0rn, sans recipes (and sans clothes).

*Cuing the obligatory striptease music*

Yumtastic sammich using leftover seitan o' greatness.

What with all the leftover pesto from my pesto-mayo tofu sammiches this weekend, I ended up whipping up lots of sammiches (and veggie burgers) using various variations (redundant, but I don't care). This one was SOOOO damn good (despite the weirdness of trying to get vegan cheddar cheez to melt)--grilled "cheez" with pesto-mayo, tomatoes, and basil.

I fucked up some raspberry-chocolate muffins I was trying to invent--they were damn tasty, but too soft and crumbly. So I figured what the hell--make lemonade out of lemons, or whatever the hell the expression is--so I just crumbled some in a bowl and topped them with the leftover raspberry drizzle from my Raspberry-Drizzled Chocolate Mousse. Delectable.

The banana-pecan pancakes from VwaV. 'Cept instead of pecans, I used almond-chunks. And I also tossed in the obligatory chocolate-chips. Good recipe though. Yes, yes.

E got his wisdom teeth yanked this weekend, so cooking was mostly just about the mushiness of the food. I whipped up a winter vegetable soup from The Vegan Family Favorites (which was a creamy cauliflower/carrot/potato soup) and garlicky mashed 'taters (with the pot-pie gravy from TVFF as well), both by request.

Good, and mushy. Mushy, and good.

(And no, the pine-nuts were not wisdom-teeth booby-traps, intended to catch E by surprise and cause him intense pain. Thems was *my* taters. Fool.)

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