Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Homecooking, E-Style

In a state of undress...

Clothed and a bit embarassed...

Realizing it's way more fun to be nekkid...

The nice thing about the fact that E and I alternate cooking on the weekends (him one weekend, me the next) is that it gets me to eat things that I wouldn't normally eat. Not weird things like, say, bear shit cookies or orange feces or something. But things that I would never go out of my way to make myself, for no other reason than that they don't bludgeon my brain with their potential tastiness the way the things that NORMALLY catch my eye do.

Case in point:

This weekend, E whipped up a pot pie from The Vegan Family Favorites. I have only ever had bites of other people's pot-pie (that sounds *way* too inadvertently naughty), never a whole slice myself (ditto). I've never really had an urge to bake one myself. I mean, this is hardcore home-cooking, but for some reason it is something that I never ever would've made on my own. And this is precisely why I am so lucky to have another pair of vegan cooking-hands around (look at me! 4-handed!)--I got to try out (and realize I really fricking love) something different.

So although I have no recipe to share today, I have a very hearty recommendation: get your hands on The Vegan Family Favorites and try out the pot-pie recipe. You won't regret it. It's chockfull of homestyle veggies, tofu, and a rich and creamy gravy that will knock your socks off. And depending on whether you've got the time, you can make your own crust or just buy one at the store (E found a vegan one at Whole Foods, and damn if it wasn't good). You will end up feeling like you should be rubbing your belly in appreciation and then heading back out to the fields to gather the rest of the wheat harvest together before nightfall. Or something.

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