Monday, April 30, 2007

I Am Currently Grossed-Out and Catatonic (Get It? *CAT*atonic?? Bahahaha)

Upon noticing yet ANOTHER cat-hair in one of my food-pics, I came to the realization that my most frequent nosh is probably just that:

Cat hair.

I'm not sure if that's a crime against veganity or what, but it sure is gross. Especially seeing as I only ever notice the cat hairs AFTER I've taken the pics and AFTER I've eaten the food it was stuck to.

I noticed this awhile back but never pointed it out because I figured, do my dear dear readers actually want to KNOW that there's cat-hair pretty much baked into everything I cook? But then I thought, these are the same people who crack up at reports of orange feces and bear-shit cookies (which is precisely why I lurve you all), so why am I even asking this question?

Here's to hoping most of them were from E's plate though. Tee hee.

(Click on the pics for full hair-osity)

(Note: The seitan pic above actually looks like it was ROLLED in cat-hair if you look closely. I just couldn't differentiate between what was ACTUAL cat-hair and what was illuminated cracks and crevices of the actual seitan itself, but I've circled all the possible offenders nonetheless. Either which way: Nast.)

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