Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Two More Vegan-Friendly Cleveland Establishments, Working to Service You (Hee)

I *knew* I was forgetting something. With all this talk of ass tubes, I totally forgot that I have two new vegan-friendly Cleveland hotspots to share with everyone.

The first is Breadsmith in Lakewood:

18101 Detroit Avenue
corner of Detroit and West Clifton
Lakewood, OH 44107
(For those of you familiar with Nature's Bin, it's about a block or two down.)

Type of food: Breads (duh) and a plethora of vegan sweets

Hours (as of 3/4/2009):
Monday: Closed
Tuesday ~ Friday: 7am ~ 7pm
Saturday: 7am ~ 5pm
Sunday: 8am ~ 4pm

And either I am either RIDICULOUSLY blind, or the lovely folks at Breadsmith just recently added on a vegan page to their website, so woot to that! (Just realized that the one I was originally looking at wasn't the Cleveland-specific Breadsmith page--der.)

Breadsmith's vegan MENU

The second is Treehugger's Cafe in Berea. (Thanks to Janet and QBL for bringing its existence to my attention.)

Treehugger's Cafe
1330 Bagley Road Unit 1
Berea, Ohio 44017

Hours (as of 3/4/09):
Monday-Thursday: 7:00a-8:00p
Friday & Saturday: 7:00a-9:00p
Sunday: 10:00a-8:00p

Type of food: Sandwiches, soups, salads, all-day breakfast (items that are vegan or can be MADE vegan have a little V next to them)

I've not eaten (or grabbed numblies) at either place yet but plan to and promise to post some reviews when I do.

Until then:

Your assignment is to go check them out yourself and get back to us on what we're missing.



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tim said...

never take the time to write a review about anything, but i couldnt help it after i saw the previous about spitting out food. my wife and i eat at Treehuggers once a week and every item on the menu is consistently delicous. the wait staff has always been great, we like kim and sharon. they both know what vegan means. I think the other person is just a vegan elitist that would only be satisfied if the world ate dandelions and dust bunnies. vegans are truly welcome at treehugger, my wife is strict, me not so much, and she enjoys the food and vegan variety.