Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brussel Sprouts & Johanna Woodbury Jealousy

First off, how in the HELL did I manage to miss Johanna Woodbury's response to my rant the other week?? Upon further review, I suspect it is because she decided to post her response on a completely unrelated food-post from a few weeks prior. Deliberate on her part? I am unsure. Though I *DO* suspect that, by posting her comment on a completely unrelated comment-chain, it's nullified any potential dialogue (or further ranting) in reponse to her comment. And because I am such a delightful brat, I am reposting her comment here today, for your reading pleasure. And I'm also reposting it where it belongs: AMIDST the long line of responses to the VegNews quote of hers.

BTW: WAY TO BE JEALOUS OF HER WINNING THE MONTHLY CONTEST, ALL OF YOU! Clearly your 42 comments just stem from a 90210-esque jealousy of the cool girl who wins things that you don't:

Well, it's the big, bad Johanna W. here. You all have taken what I've said too seriously, or your jealous that I won the monthly contest. All I meant was that too many "vegans" or "vegetarians" supplementing their diets with "faux" meats aren't doing themselves any good. Some of that food is so processed and full of ingredients that are worse for you than meat. I don't eat meat, so I'm not coming from that end of things. This site looks great...I see a lot of FOOD. I really don't think that I have to say anymore. I just thank a nice person to making me aware of all this bashing. I'm very happy that I struck a chord with someone.

Ok. Moving on...

So despite the fact that I didn't bring it up last week, I *DID* venture into The Land of Brussel Sprouts, after being challenged to do so by emily.

In cooking them, I followed the directions that emily posted:

I think if you find fresh, local brussel sprouts, slice them in half lengthwise, put them on a cookie sheet rubbed with olive oil, brush or spray them with olive oil, cook at around 400 for about 10-15 minutes, then toss with salt and pepper and eat them hot, you'll change your opinion about them. I hope so because I think it's your ticket away from faux meats and into the land of REAL vegetarians!

Now, initially, when I dove into them with my dinner, I found myself thinking, "Ok. She's right. Definitely not gag-worthy. But I also don't feel too strongly about them either." And then, the next day, as my work day rolled to a close and my stomach started growling at the thought of my impending dinner, I suddenly got a craving for them. Seated at my desk, I actually thought to myself, "Mmmm. I can't wait to get home and whip up some more brussel sprouts." And then I had them again the following day. And then this weekend I had a random craving for them and found myself wishing I had picked some up at the WSM on Friday.

So yes: Emily, though I rarely admit to defeat, you have won this contest of brussel sprouty wits. If I had a championship belt bedazzled with hundreds of gold brussel sprouts, I would surely be hanging my head in shame and passing it off to you and then inventing some sort of waffle-press-like infomercial product to cook tofu in.

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