Thursday, September 04, 2008


First off: I've been keeping an eye on the poll results regarding the question I had of whether or not I should snag tons of my neighbor's polluted, chemical-laden basil.

And folks folks folks, the results are verging on 50/50. Which surprises me quite a bit actually. And which, of course, doesn't help my decision-making process at all.

So. As a tie-breaker, I offer the poll below. Choose wisely.

(FYI: You've gotta scroll over the
question to read the whole thing.
Because Quibblo is a d-o -u-c- h-e.)

Secondly: apparently, according to the Quibblo company that creates these lovely polls, the word "sex" is an inappropriate word to use in a poll. Not to mention "shit." Man, would they LOVE my web page. For sure.

Thirdly: apparently you can FOOL them by adding an extra T onto the word "shit." But apparently, "sex" is a naughty enough word that an extra X will NOT do the trick.

Fourthly: apparently they will catch on to the fact that you just added an extra T on to "shit," but only after subsequent attempts to fix "sex," and you will then have to intersperse hyphens and spaces to get the poll published.

Fifthly: The more x's you spell the word "sex" with, the more it kind of makes your nether-parts tingle.

Sixthly: Sex. Please.

Seventhly: *Annnnnnnd... SCENE*

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