Sunday, March 06, 2011

Son of a man-eating pilgrim!

Um, yeah: If you haven't noticed, I've kind of been messing with the look of this page. And if you also haven't noticed, I kinda moved all the links from the sidebar onto their own page. And if you also ALSO haven't noticed (being that *I* failed to notice this one as well): I erased every goddamn vegan food-blog link that once had a home in my sidebar.

There's still other links. But I used to have dozens and dozens of food-blogs going on for you all to peruse.

So please excuse me while I squish behind the bleachers for a minute and sniffle just a little.

And... done.

So, if you have a vegan food blog:

Post your link IN THIS POST any time this month, and at the beginning of April, I'll compile them all again.

PLEASE NOTE THOUGH: It has to be a vegan blog. And it has to be a food blog. I have nothing against vegetarian blogs (you guys rock hardcore too), but I want folks to know that if they click on a vegan food blog link, they're not gonna be reading recipes that call for cheese or milk or eggs or something.

And if you have a vegan blog but it's not a food blog but you just love me and want so so so so so badly to see your blog linked here, when you post your link, just please note that it's a vegan CULTURE blog, not a vegan food blog, and I'll make a concession and pop your link elsewhere. For the low low price of three dozen cookies.

What what.

Now get to it!


Jodie said...

It's definitely rough when you redesign! It's looking very clean, though!

You used to link to my vegan food blog:

Well, you probably were linking to the .net or blogspot version, but they all point to the same place. ;-) Good luck with your blog updating!

radioactivegan said...

That sucks! Sorry you need to re-do so much work, but here's my link :)

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Oh no! Here's mine:

Kim said...

Love your blog, so happy you're back!

Here's a link to my blog on eco/vegan fashion and FOOD :)))

VegetariRun said...

So happy you're back posting, too!

I have a vegan athlete blog-- It's about marathon training as a vegan, vegan sports nutrition, etc. I don't know if that's something you'd want to link or not, but if you do, it would be awesome! I know it's kind of a narrow niche, but I like to think I'm doing my part to fight the whole "vegans can't be endurance athletes because they're wimpy and not strong" battle.

I post about training and my runs probably 75% of the time, and about food maybe 25% of the time, but I have a "What I Eat" page with vegan nutrition advice. As I move ahead this year, I'm hoping to increase my number of food posts.

Anonymous said...

I do a 'culture' post once a week otherwise its dining out vegan and cooking

K said...

Glad to see you are back blogging!

Please add our vegan and gluten free blog:

Norine said...

Hello from the Midwest! Glad you're posting again yo.

jessy said...

boo to that, Lindy Loo - i think i'd punch something if i erased all my links, too. faceofsad.

anywhooooooo.....i'm crazy excited you're back!!!! the interweb has missed you. :)

oh yeah - here's my blog (xgfx (gluten-free & vegan)):

foodfeud said...

I'm glad you're back too so I can post my link and get in on the LindyLoo action.

Allysia said...

Yay for posting, and links, and new things! is where I'm at! :)

Mary said...

Was so glad to see you posting again!

CPNC said...

Hey, Lindy. My blog is I have a culture and politics blog also, but it isn't specifically a vegan culture blog, though I write about Michael Vick and stuff over there. Thanks for compiling.

Kaycee said...

I have a vegan blog, the address is

Love your blog!

Nicole said...

Happy you're back!

My blog is Vegan Nom Noms:

SaraJane said...

I've been meaning to do a redesign on my blog, too. If I just keep thinking about it maybe it'll just redesign itself and then I won't have to deal with it. So far that line of thinking isn't really working. Alas.

Anyway, link it up, baby.

Vegan Chicks Rock

Vegan Fazool said...

Since you were one of the first blogs I ever checked out when I went vegan (Dec. 2009) I was so psyched you re-emerged from the darkness!

My blog:

Mostly recipes (all vegan) with occasional ranting about grammar.

Your chickpea tuna is my fave, I have linked to it twice :-)!

Thanks for coming back,
Dawn (Vegan Fazool)

sgcorrie said...

Vegan, MOSTLY food, sometimes rambling, always awesome.


Sue in Ohio said...

My vegan blog is:
Thanks for keeping your links vegan 'pure'...nothing more annoying that looking at a recipe and seeing CHEESE.
SO glad you are back....

Jackie said...

Found your blog via Blogged, amazed I haven't seen it before.

My blog is

Katie said...

Here ya go, the site looks great!:

Heddy said...


Just found your blog today! You sound hilarious! My blog is relatively new (this year) and I am planning on adding more food to it, but it's just my day to day right now(culture).

I wouldn't mind having more than one reader - heh

Thanks! h :)

Unknown said...


You used to link to our blog too, but I totally get trying to clean it up. Our site is a mess. I'm to tech-useless to figure out how to make it pretty. Have fun!


Maida said...

So glad you're back. I've missed you. You used to link to me:

Hope you keep blogging! I really enjoy your posts.

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Aww, redesigning can be rough! It's lookin' good, though.

I think you used to have a link to my page on your site. :)

be'ershevaboheme6 said...

I used to get link love

I used to be all obnoxious and post dairy every so often, but I've made all my blog recipes Vegan for some time I'd love to get loved again!

Bou Shin said...

I'm a day late, so hopefully it can still be added.

My blog is