Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BAH! grumblegrumble

Oh man. Can I just tell you how much I hate this week? So much that I have yet to blog here. Which pretty much NEVER happens.

I have a backlog of recipes and photos. And I have memes I should be tackling. All that coupled with the annoyingness of this work-week has been making me shy away from doing a GODDAMN THING on this blog. =P Instead, I've been looking at vintage clothes on-line in my spare time and craving a good thrift-shopping outting.

But I must not let this week get the better of me.

So here you go.

First: Memed.

I got tagged for a meme by the lovely Leslie and Yasmin, and yes yes yes, I've been avoiding actually doing this meme because I've done shorter versions and longer versions once or twice before and I feel hardpressed to think of some other interesting tidbits about myself that I haven't yet shared. But since more than one lovely veghead tagged me for it, I've been feeling a bit guilty not actually taking the time to do it. So I started it on Monday, and I've gotten as far as... 1 fricking fact. I keep wracking my brain, hoping to think of something, and then I'll be like, Nope: already mentioned it in some previous blog post. So I must admit defeat.

Here's my single UTTERLY UNFASCINATING fact that I could think of this week.

#1: I drive a bright yellow new VW beetle, and I hate it. I hate it because it's a piece of shit. I hate it because I bought it from a cop who ripped me off and whose teeth I'd like to knock down his throat. And I hate it because whenever I'm in it, I feel like a parody of what people see me as, as a stereotype of myself, and IT IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF WHO I AM AT ALL. So that irritates the piss out of me. The only fun thing about it is when N-A drives it around, since it is so very much a girl-car, so it's funny as hell to see a big, fairly imposing dude behind the wheel.

So since I suck, if you're REALLY interested in finding out some fascinating facts about me, you can ask me a question in my comments section and I will answer it. Or you can not. I will quite possibly go home and cry myself to death if you don't, but don't let THAT pressure you into thinking of something to ask. *Evil eye*

Secondly, I share with you (mostly to get rid of them finally) pictures of a couple recipe-less things I recently ate.

The first is a batch of eggplant parmesan. I didn't fry up the eggplant long enough, and I should've ground the breadcrumbs down super-finely ('cause they ended up kind of messy), but nonetheless: delish. And the one useful thing I *CAN* share with you is the sole reason they came out so tasty: Instead of using just breadcrumbs to bread them, I used half breadcrumbs, half ground-pecans. And seriously: if you go away from this blog today WITHOUT killing yourself out of boredom after reading this sour-ass post, and you're looking to whip something up for dinner, take this one recommendation with you. You've not tasted good eggplant parmesan until you've tasted eggplant parmesan breaded with pecans.

This second pic is of tiny shell-pasta coated in the VwaV alfreda sauce (with walnuts subbed in for the pine nuts), and topped with roasted asparagus. The VwaV alfreda sauce is one of my favorite sauces, mostly because it's so fricking easy to make and because I almost always have the ingredients around. Oh, and also because it tastes damn good.

Thirdly, cat pics! 'Cause cat pics always make me feel less grouchy!

This is the stray cat I've been feeding since last winter. I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl, but I've been calling her/him a she, so she's stuck with that for now. Anyways, she's the one I built the cat shelter for a while back. I wish she was less skittish, 'cause then my mom might be willing to adopt her. But although she talks to me when she sees me, she won't allow me to pet her. I just hope she puts the shelter to good use this winter as well. (Please, no lectures about feeding strays, otherwise you will find yourself with one less nipple. I know the deal. I thought about it long and hard when I started feeding her, and I've made the commitment. I feed her like I feed my cats (though not as large a portion), and I've done it every day since about last March or so. So until I start regularly returning to her bowl to see it's not been eaten, or until I move, she'll be getting fed.)

This is Zooey watching the stray from my roof and looking like a weird gargoyle:

And here's a random pic of Franny, just so she doesn't get mad that I posted pics of Zooey but not her. =)

An this is a random pic of N-A's kitchen table. Really, not all that interesting, but for some reason this picture makes my eyes happy, so I share.

Hopefully tomorrow: a recipe! *GASPS OF SHOCK AND HORROR* Keep your fingers crossed.

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