Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Somebody Please Fill Me In

Why do those freaky jumbo avocados taste like fruit?

(You know which ones I'm talking about? The ones that are like the Incredible Hulk of avocados and the size of a small child's head with brilliant green exteriors?)

I mean, yesterday I cut into one, nubbed off a chunk, put it in my mouth expecting svelte sexy velvetiness, and... it tasted like fruit. Enough so that I actually held the avocado up and gave it the once over, as though perhaps I had accidentally grabbed a mango instead of an avocado AND SOMEHOW NOT NOTICED THAT FACT. Seriously ridiculous.

What the hell though: Not fully ripe? Or is that the nature of the jumbo avocado?

They're just so tempting 'cause they're so *squishing my thighs together tightly* BIG. *breathing a bit heavily*

You know what I'm saying?

Then again, historically, the big ones are usually not the crowd-pleasers, I must admit. At least in the world of Lindy Loo.

TMI? I think not.

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