Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurray! Edible Hugga Bunch!

You remember Hugga Bunch dolls?

When I was little, I had the pink one on the left. I got it for Christmas one year. Even as a child, I hated the color pink. So I was a bit upset with Santa for not having more discerning tastes and giving *ME* the redheaded one instead of my sister. Also disappointing was the fact that my Hugga Bunch for some reason had a malformed neck. It was kind of gimped and inexplicably skinny and wiry, and she constantly looked like she was craning her neck to look at something. It was kind of like she had slipped one of the doll-discs between her cervical vertebra while she was jammed in the box in Santa's sleigh. I hated her for it. For her pinkness and for her ugly giraffe neck. But secretly, I felt bad for hating her, and so I loved her twice as much so she wouldn't feel bad. It's kind of like how when my one sister has only one item left on her plate and can't eat anymore, she cuts it in half so that it's not lonely. (True story. She's 23 now and STILL does this. Which is why I adore her.)

Anyways, long story long: the neon-tint and pinkness of the Veganomicon Brooklyn deli-style macaroni salad reminds me of my old pink Hugga Bunch.

Which makes me want to squish it and whisper in its ear, "It's ok, Hugga Bunch. I still love you even though you are ugly."

It *IS* a good pasta salad though--sweet and creamy, and the radishes and peas are a nice addition.

Alas, I cannot find the recipe on-line though.

So this whimsical tale of my youth will have to suffice.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I loved hugga bunch!