Thursday, December 13, 2007

Veggies & Dumplin's

Yeah, I have no recipe to share with you for this, so instead I leave you with the urging to run out and buy Vegan Family Favorites at some point, since it has some damn good homestyle vegan recipes in it. Particularly tasty are the Veggies and Dumplings featured in the book. Everytime I make paprikash, I find myself wrestling with the dumpling-recipe--they either end up too fluffy or too doughy. However, Pavlina has the perfect dumpling recipe here, and I most certainly plan on snagging it and using it all multi-purposey in my other recipes now. And despite the fact that the Veggies and Dumplings recipe has ridiculously few ingredients (somehow nutritional yeast and veggie broth go a LONG way here), it is a fricking good-god tasty recipe that will warm your belly while the weather outside blusters and blows.

Ah, blows.

*Ingesting some more sugar and listening to Peaches in an attempt to distract myself*

Mmmm, Peaches... Arghlhglghl.

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