Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lazy Robot

I am a fucking lazy robot.

I have a recipe I could post, but I was too lazy to take pictures of it to post. And now I am too lazy to post it, sans pictures.

I have been busy and preoccupied as of late. I heart the holidays because a bunch of my friends will be in town that I haven't seen in a while, so I've been busting out the mistletoe and candy-cane pasties in preparation for that. And I'm having another holiday party on Saturday, so I've been preparing for that as well. (And by preparing, I mostly just mean "sitting around and thinking, Gee, I have a holiday party on Saturday--I really should start actually *doing* something in preparation for it.")

So sue me.

Even sadder is the fact that--please, my darlings: do not start to cry--today is the last you will be hearing from me until the New Year.

But have no fear: I will return with many a new recipe. Many a new food-related sexual innuendo. And maybe even--*listening to the angels' bells ring as the Christmas spirit swells within us all*--a story or two about having done your mom.

Until then, my lovelies, have a very joyous week.

Smooches to you all.

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