Monday, May 21, 2007

Cardboard Ravioli

I had high hopes. High hopes, my friends.

When I nabbed these Rising Moon Organics ravioli, I thought, yay--vegan and on sale! In the back of my mind, I vaguely recollected having bought a different flavor of the same brand once, long long ago, and not being bowled over by it AT ALL, but the sale-price quickly banished the memory from my brain.

So when I finally whipped these up last week, with a bit of leftover frozen pesto and some tomatoes, my palate was drooly and eager.

It even LOOKED really pretty, all green and red and bright and springy.

Suffice it to say, I was not pleased when I realized that these ravioli kinda tasted like wet cardboard. They were dry, despite claiming to be "creamy." They were bland. And they were probably the dullest-tasting ravioli I've ever had. Even the pesto and tomato couldn't up the ante at all in the way of taste--I mean, really, cardboard is cardboard, no matter WHAT you try to garnish it with.

I only occasionally offer up product-reviews on here, but I can say this with definite certainty: even if they're on sale, it's worth your while to just steer clear.

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