Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Brief Break in Programming...

I just wanted to briefly mention two things that I'm particularly geeked up about before I forget:

  1. I recently got asked by Northern Ohio Live to do a brief write-up of vegan-friendly restaurants in the Cleveland area: their food editor apparently found my list of vegan places in Cleveland and were hoping I'd recreate it (just a wee bit shorter) for inclusion in one of their issues, saying it would be a "great resource for groups or families that are trying to satisfy different preferences."

    I was a bit leery about mentioning it here because I felt like somehow I'm gonna jinx it and they're gonna decide last minute to can the article or something, now that I've told people about it. But I decided (perhaps against my better judgment) to mention it anyways, mostly just because I'm excited about it. If I jinx it, so be it I guess.

    I am, of course, flattered to have someone from a popular magazine seek me out to do a write-up, but I am even *more* pleased to see interest expressed in what's typically considered a dietary lifestyle that's alternative enough not to get (positive) mainstream mention very often. I am a bit nervous though about carrying the vegan-burden into a mainstream magazine since (as any of you who've ever conversed with anyone that's NOT vegan about veganism know) it means being extra-careful to be encouraging while not alienating carnivores with one's rhetoric. Thankfully though, it's just going to be a brief list, so there won't be much "rhetoric" involved, just lots of yummy yummy food-discussion.

    Oh, and part of the reason I decided to mention this now is so that the delectable veganness Kim (of Tremont Scoops) who is a regular reader of this blog and who has concocted some DAMN fine vegan ice-cream sammiches, knows that her vegan numblies will be getting a little shout-out in Northern Ohio Live if all goes as planned. ((I meant to tell you that when I stopped in the other day, Kim, but totally and completely forgot!))

    So anyways, keep your eyes out in the August issue (as they're hoping to squeak it into that one).

  2. I also wanted to note that one of my friends has been inspired by his (very delightful) cat to tread down the road towards veganism, and he's started his own blog documenting the transition. So stop by when you get a chance and tell him he has a nice set of avocados *eyebrows waggling*.

    Switching Crispers

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