Thursday, March 22, 2007


This weekend I made one of my favorite go-to recipes yet again: my friend Kristen's super-easy salsa chili. It seriously is one of my favorite easy-peasy recipes because it's beyond simple and because you can craft a completely different-tasting dish out of it each time with just a few very simple changes.

Basically, the main ingredients of the recipe that make it thrive are the three types of beans you pick out and the salsa. What's so delightful about it (and what I like to do each time I make it) is switch up the beans and salsa I use to get a completely different experience.

This time when I made it, I used kidney beans, black beans, and pigeon-peas (which I've never had before, and which ROCK). For the salsa, I used Arriba's Mexican Red Salsa which, as a stand-alone salsa I would NEVER EVER eat having tried it now, since it tastes more like a spicy spaghetti sauce to me than it does a tasty salsa--but it works well with the chili. It has a certain sweet zinginess to it that I found appealing.

It makes a buttload, so it'll make for a good number of lunches or dinners for the week.

And holy mother of god, if you top it with half of a diced up avocado like I did on Tuesday, you will just wanna explode all over the place. Good stuff.

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