Monday, March 26, 2007

All That and a Side of Budda-Bang!

I've taken a lot of random food pics over the last few weeks, but they haven't found their way onto this blog, simply because most of them come unaccompanied by recipes--most of them I just smooshed together quickly and shoved down my gullet.

But they look pretty. So I will feature them here anyways, with a delightful, Jacques-Cousteau-esque commentary.

"This here is hummusca, of the phylum sandwicha. Look at its glistening green leaves and moist basil-tomato hummus (from which it derives its name). So very sleek. So very tasty."

"Now this is a rare breed of fry-us stir-ricum. It is an almost fleshy species, speckled with garish spots of green. A salty fellow, no doubt. And a sneaky one."

Oh man, I give up. Thinking up stupid Latin-y sounding names gets old quickly.

The dish above was just a repeat of an earlier Gong Bao "Chicken" dish that I just absolutely love. The Gong Bao fake-chicken is hands down the best thing I've gotten at the Asian Plaza. So good. This time, I tossed it up with just a bit of broccoli, some baby-bellas, and some expired teriyaki sauce (mmmmm, expired teriyaki) and served it over some brown rice.

And finally, I made the (delightful) mistake of reading VegBitch's blog in the middle of the day on Thursday and got an immediate craving for avocado sushi. I ended up scooting out of work early and heading off to the Asian plaza so I could get my hands on some cheap ingredients (I also picked up some stuff to make spring rolls this upcoming weekend as well--woot woot). Went home, prepped the rice (still not so good at that part--every single damn recipe I have at home does not have normal rice/rice-vinegar ratios to go from... drives me batty), and plugged up the sushis with some a) avocado, b) baked tofu (which was weirdly tasty and kind of had a tangy tangy-cheese flavor to it--I later used it on a veggie-burger in place of cheese), and c) baby bellas.

I was a bit disgruntled when I discovered that the wasabi I bought had milk int it (WTF?? Is this common?), but I tried to soothe myself with sweet thoughts of avocado instead. The end result was yum-fricking-tastic, but unfortunately the rice was a bit more moist than it should've been and sogged up the nori. C'est la vie. I downed a whole bunch of it while my cats sniffed away, so regardless of the sogginess, I was a happy camper.

This weekend, I didn't do much cooking at all, as I had Part II of my "The Art of Being Awesomer at Being Cool" seminar. But I *DO* have one recipe to share, so hold onto your horses/hats/golf-balls/ukeleles and I'll post it as soon as I can.

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