Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tofu Scramble and You Don't Know the Recipe but Mmmmmmm You Should Try to Figure it Out Because *Drool* It's Oh So Good

Sunday morning: tofu scramble. Why? Because the damnable Maura had to tell me that dorklepork made her one for her 30th birthday (she's so ancient) and it gave me one of those Homer-esque moments where I was like, Tofu Scramble, Mmmmmm, arghlghlghlghlghl.

So yeah, I tofu scrambled it, couldn't help myself. Basically, I used the general gist of the VwaV recipe (spice-wise at least--though I only used half the amount of nutritional yeast and none of the water they said to add), but I decked it out with different fillings. Main ingredients? Tofu, broccoli, one half of a yellow pepper, and two small onions.

On the side, my own creation, though nothing too gaudy: red potatoes swirled around in a bowl with about 1 T. olive oil, some paprika, rosemary, season salt, and thyme, baked in the oven until tender and browned (maybe about 30-40 minutes at 450 or so)...

I only wish I could eat this well for breakfast EVERY day. *Sigh*

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