Thursday, January 18, 2007

Crazy Fake-Meat Town!

It's like crazy fake-meat town in my apartment this week!


E went to the big Asian market downtown this past weekend, and I put him on the lookout for "vegetarian salmon" after stumbling across these fricking gorgeously-tasty looking pics. I've long been envious of the folks I see on livejournal and whatnot that have easy access to strange and delightful fake-meats from their local Asian market (mostly because I didn't think there was any place around that carried something as strange as, say, vegetarian salmon), but now I'm one of them. Woot woot!

Anyways, E picked me up a few vegan meat-analogs this weekend to try out (vegetarian salmon, canned vegetarian mock chicken, and vegetarian gong bao chicken) and after yesterday's experience with the gong bao, I definitely plan on returning to pick up some more.

I am also excited about cooking up the veg salmon this weekend, so expect a recipe. (I plan on making some sort of wine reduction for it and serving it over quinoa.) I am a little bit leery about trying out the CANNED fake-meat, because for some reason, the canned aspect of it creeps me out a bit. But after the gong bao, perhaps I'll just suck it up. (Either that or I'll wait until E tries it first and make sure it doesn't kill him.)

But I digress... The gong bao vegetarian chicken: I cooked it up with some broccoli, onion, and green peppers drizzled in teriyaki sauce and tossed with some peanuts over brown rice. It was fantastique.

The consistency of the vegetarian chicken is startlingly like that of real chicken--it is chewy and hearty. And it's marinated in some sort of red-peppery sauce which was also quite good. I was impressed, especially for something that comes vaccuum-sealed in a bag. If you can get your hands on it, I definitely recommend.

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