Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Top 5 Things Everyone Should Eat Before They Die

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1. Well-made avocado sushi--As most of you know, if you ever wanna get me in the sack, this would be the way to go. Avocado sushi is a total aphrodisiac to me (and to others as well, thankfully)--for some reason, there is nothing that compliments the tart sweetness of the rice vinegar of sushi better to me than sexy, creamy avocado. It melts on your tongue like sex, or love, or sexy love. *Having to excuse myself*

2. Cleveland's Mama Santa's pizza with pepperoncinis--There is something to be said for a pizza that tastes just as damn fantastic even without the cheese. Mama Santa's sauce is like manna--it's the perfect combination of sweetness and tomatoeyness. And the crust is exquisite--perfectly crunchy yet ripe with flavors. And Mama Santa's doesn't skimp on the pepperoncinis--they give you the *good* fresh ones, not the crap ones that Pizza Hut hooks you up with. Seriously, if you've never had Mama Santa's pizza, you must run out right now and get yourself some. I don't care if you live 3000 miles away--that's what cars are for.

3. Garlic--Oh, sweet sweet garlic, my love, my true one! I almost forgot about you until I saw you on someone else's list! Please forgive me! I don't know how I could've lived the rest of my life knowing that I left you off my top five! Anywho, since I'd already blathered about pinenuts and added it to my top 5, I'm leaving it on as a 1/2. But definitely garlic would win out if the two were battling it out in a big vat of (vegan) pudding. It's way buffer, and it pulls lots of sneaky moves that pine nuts can't quite compete with. Plus, have you SEEN that wrestling-leotard it wears--and the bulge it's trying to hide?? Pine nuts can't quite compare. Garlic tastes good in so many different ways, on so many different things. Roasted garlic in particular makes my knees weak. And I don't think I could go on living if I wasn't able to breathe in its sweet roasty earthiness off my fingertips a few times a month after preparing a scrumptious meal.

3.5. Pine nuts--Just recently, I've found myself absolutely adoring these buggers. (Plus, listing them here also allows me to sneak in vegan pesto under their listing--and that shit's DAMN good.) There is just something scrumptiously rich and roasty and fantastically flavorful about pine nuts--and they taste good on fricking EVERYTHING. Ok--ALMOST everything, though perhaps I WILL try them on soy ice cream sometime soon and see if I can boast EVERYTHING after all. Meh!

4. Fresh basil--I love love love everything about it: the scent, the flavor, the look. It's 100x tastier on a sammich than lettuce or even spinach. The only unfortunate thing about it is that it goes wilty and yuck so quickly. But up until then, I'd totally marry it. And have little basil babies.

5. Warm fresh bread with olive oil to dip in--I don't think I could live without warm fresh bread, be it roasted garlic, rosemary, 7-grain, sunflower seed. I just love bread. I think if I had to live off of one food for the rest of my life, prepared whatever way I wanted it, it'd be fresh bread. All hail bread-monagamy!

(This somehow started off as the Top 5 Things Everyone Should Eat Before They Die but ended up as a list of the Top 5 Foods I Couldn't Live Without. My apologies. But, really, if you haven't yet eaten fresh bread or fresh basil, you need to start livin'!)

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