Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Chipotle, Corn, and Black Bean Stew

This weekend I made a big ol' batch of the Chipotle, Corn, and Black Bean Stew from Vegan with a Vengeance, and I must say: it was damn good and perfect autumn-weather food. It even LOOKS autumnal.

The recipe is quite simple, the flavoring is fiery and fierce but tempered with a slightly seductive sweet tartness from the lime, and it makes a lot--enough so that I had to keep bringing it in to work and forcing it upon people so that I could get through it all before I got sick of it (just due to repetition, of course).

My fella has already planned a date and time for me to make it again, he liked it that much.

The only adjustments I'll make next time 'round are LESS POTATOES (it was like fricking potato central in there!) and smaller cubes of potatoes.


But yeah, I definitely recommend. Get ye to a Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook!

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