Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chocolate Mousse Parfaits

This was mmm mmm good and surely chockfull of trazillions of calories. Mmmmm. Calories. Arghlghlghlghl.


1. Get some sort of vegan Oreos* and throw a bunch of them into your food processer and hit that button until they're smashed to bits. Empty into a bowl.

2. Throw a cube of firm silken tofu into your food processer. Blend it until it's sufficiently whipped. Add 1 T. of maple syrup. Melt 1 & 1/4 C. of semi-sweet chocolate chips on your stove (or fancy shmancy double-boiler). Add the melted chocolate to the food processer along with 1/3 C. soy milk and blend until everything's mixed together really well.

3. Throw ANOTHER cube of tofu (this time silken soft) into your food processer. Blend. Add the following ingredients for Tofu Whipped Cream. Blend some more. Taste. Try not to hork when you realize it tastes pungently tofu-esque and has a consistency that is absolutely nothing like whipped cream. Try to combat that by adding some Oreos. Realize it now just tastes like Oreo tofu. Add a T. of cocoa powder and find it tasting at least SOMEwhat edible for a dessert recipe, despite looking not even as attractive as the mutated, genetic defect, one-eyed, incestuous cousin of whipped cream. Remind yourself that perhaps you should recommend that your readers just skip this step as it adds nothing really to the dessert. Skip this step, readers, skip this step.

4. Get out two wine glasses. Throw some Oreo cookie crumbles into the bottom of each. Top with Hershey's chocolate syrup (also vegan). Top *that* with your chocolate mousse from Step 2. More Oreo crumbles. (The muck from Step 3 which, while not turning out to taste too badly didn't add anything to the recipe, so feel free to skip.) More chocolate mousse. More Oreo crumbles. More chocolate syrup. And a little poof of the very last bit of the mousse prettily on top. Garnish with a single Oreo.

Makes enough for 2 large servings.

We ate these for breakfast Sunday morning--yes, we are gross, but we were too stuffed to eat them the night before, so it was our only opportunity--and E said that they were definitely one of his top 2 favorite dessert recipes I've made. So there.

*Sidenote: I did some vegan Oreos research, of course, before going out and purchasing any. Seems there's a lot of discrepancy on the 'net about whether or not the original Oreos are vegan (there are some original oreos that have whey in them--I ran into a vending machine pack that did--and there's some that don't). Nabisco was not much more help:

Hi L____,

Thank you for visiting

We make changes to our product formulas on a regular basis. Ingredient lists can become outdated very quickly, so, we don't maintain them.

We do have an online tool that lists the label information on some of our products. Just visit and then click on the product information tab.

Please remember that the best source of information for you is the ingredient statement on the product that you have purchased.

If you haven't done so already, please add our site to your favorites and visit us again soon!

Kim McMiller
Assoc Director, GCR Consumer Services

However, using my masterful skills of deduction, and comparing the ingredients on the packages of both the Nabisco Chocolate Creme Oreos (which Peta and VegCooking have listed as vegan:
HERE), I realized that there were no differences between the two. Logical deduction: if the Nabisco Chocolate Creme Oreos are vegan and the Nabisco Original Oreos (at *my* grocery store at least) share the same ingredients, then the Nabisco Original Oreos at *my* grocery store must be vegan. So that's what I used. But do keep your eye on the ingredient list on *your* Oreo packages because they *do* slip whey in there on occasion for some reason, which makes me wonder what else they might slip in unbeknownst to the rest of us if you don't keep your eye out. And as far as I know, none of this is applicable in England (and/or just generally overseas perhaps) because their Oreos--from everything I've read on the 'net--more often than not are *not* vegan. Crazy Brits! =)

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