Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lick Me, I'm Vegan

I didn't cook much this past week, so to distract you from that fact, I bring you the latest edition of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches By Which People Stumble Across This Blog."

*Also flashing my boobies as further distraction--Celine, if you fail to compliment them, I will kick your ass*

PS. Somebody SOOOOOOOOO needs to start a blog that's titled after the first search. HOP TO IT.

*Drum roll*

  • lick me i'm vegan

  • how to enhance bloodflow to all parts of the body
    [rub a Lindy Loo all over it--just FYI]

  • badass vegan
    [hells yes]

  • hummus makes me shit

  • chocolate ice cream shit sex

  • which type of coffee induces the biggest shit?

  • foods that make your shit stink tomato

  • crispy treats

  • ocd and fainting and a vegan

  • shit dumpling

  • extracting shit of sexy girls before anal sex

  • can milk bring your shroom high down

  • cayenne pepper eyelid twitch

  • cookie masturbation

  • baby shit in french

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