Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some Small Things and Then Maybe a Recipe Sometime This Week

So Tremont Scoops outdid itself recently by offering up vegan mini-oreo-pies in its homemade freezer-case. Look out how goddamn sexy they are! And holy crap of all things holy and craplike--these mini pies are DECADENT and SEXY and BLISSFULLY SUGARY and maybe even... FUCKABLE. They are rich vegan chocolate mousse with some oreo cookies thrown in (and maybe some fudge--I was eating it in the dark (where all good things take place*) so it was hard to tell), cupped in the hand of a delightfully flaky pie crust and topped with vegan whipped cream and half of a luxuriously chocolate-dipped oreo cookie. Can you say "heaven?"

E has been in the hospital since Friday, so needless to say, not much cooking has taken place in my apartment--he had to get his appendix removed but is doing much better and will hopefully be getting out today. Anyone got any good appendix-recipes? I figured we could whip that tiny organ up into something delicious if we just tried hard enough! Waste not want not!

And finally, my Northern Ohio Live article is all done and submitted. (I even get my pic in the mag with a little bio--tee hee. I'm all growned up, Ma!) Just waiting to hear back on edits, but if all goes well, it should be showing up in the August issue. *Fingers crossed* So keep your eyes out!

*I.e. Fireworks, and laserlight shows, and meteor-showers, perverts.

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