Monday, February 26, 2007

Let Them Eat Vegan Cake!

This past Saturday I celebrated a landmark birthday, galloping from the land of youth into the grizzled years of adulthood.

I hit the big 8-4.


Thankfully my friends helped me ring it in with lots of pool, booze, and bear-fucking stories (don't ask). And since I have the nicest boy in all the world, I also got to ring it in with a kick-ass vegan ice cream cake.

The women at Tremont Scoops (Kim and Marianne, bless their hearts) continue to rock in their efforts to bring the vegans in Cleveland some cold and sweet sugary goodness, and damn if their homemade vegan ice cream cakes don't rock out. (And I am pleased to say that apparently I was the first vegan ice-cream cake order they've received, fitting and all the more monumentous for an 84th birthday.)

Here's some glorious pics. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

Oh, and stay tuned tomorrow for a gratuitous (and awe-inspired) birthday breakfast recipe, courtesy of the boy.

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