Monday, July 31, 2006

E's Vegan-Wine Tasting

(Don't they kinda look like they could break both your legs and then
dump you in a lake with cement-shoes if they wanted to?)

(The man behind the vegan wine-tasting getting
some much-deserved love from the ladies)

Lots o' cooking, numbly goodies, and wine reviews to post about this week--this is just to whet your whistle for now. Stay tuned for recipes recipes recipes all this week...

WINE PARTY MIX (7/29/06)

1. Feelin' Good--Nina Simone
2. Whatever Lola Wants--Dinah Shore?
3. Why--Andrew Bird
4. You Do Something to Me--Sinead O'Connor
5. Sascha--Jolie Holland
6. Summertime--Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
7. People = Shit--Richard Cheese
8. It's a Pose--Nellie McKay
9. Everything Reminds Me of Her--Elliot Smith
10. Music and Politics--Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
11. Extraordinary Machine--Fiona Apple
12. Joyful Girl--Soulive
13. The Piano Has Been Drinking--Tom Waits
14. John Coltrane song
15. The Girl From Ipanema
16. Belleville Rendez-Vous (from Triplets of Belleville)
17. Mad Tom of Bedlam--Jolie Holland
18. What a Little Moonlight Can Do--Billie Holiday
19. Revelling--Ani Difranco
20. I Can't Wait to Get Off Work--Tom Waits
21. Words Cannot Describe--Mirah

Ain't nothing classier than wine-tasting straight from the bottle!


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