Friday, June 02, 2006

White Wine Portabellas Over Garlic Angel-hair (w/ a Side of Grilled Asparagus)

What's THIS crap, Lindyloo? It's just mushrooms on a bed of plain pasta? Why even waste our time posting it? My two-year old could whip this up, both hands tied behind her back and blindfolded!

Oh no, my vegan friends. This ain't just mushrooms and noodles. That's what I thought as well when I first saw it. It's actually a mindblowing fireworks-explosion of flavor packed into an extremely non-assuming and deceptive package.

I cannot take credit for this dish, as it was my feller's weekend to cook, but I wanted to post it here nonetheless as it was a surprisingly good recipe, despite seeming simple and basic enough that it couldn't *possibly* be chock-full of exciting flavors. But I was wrong wrong wrong.

And with the encroaching summer months, this is the perfect recipe to set aside for those swelteringly hot days because a) it'll only take you 1/2 an hour to cook, b) it just requires use of a stovetop and no oven, and c) it's very light and delicately flavorful, not super-rich and heavy at all.

Perhaps I should tone down my enthusiasm just a TINY bit so you don't come back to me saying, "What the hell, you crazy bitch--it *wasn't* all that after all!" But seriously, for the simplicity of this recipe, it packs a lot of flavor in--you've gotta love dem portabellas.

The Noodles:

1 lb angel-hair, cooked al dente in salted water
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
2 T. olive oil

Drain but do not rinse pasta. In a pan saute the garlic in the olive oil. Once the garlic has browned slightly, add to the noodles and stir until all noodles are coated. Cover and set aside.

The Shrooms:

12-oz of portabella mushrooms (two 6-oz packages)
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
2 t. olive oil
1-2 C. dry white vegan wine (E used Yellow Tail Chardonnay but recommends a Frey Wine* if you have a bit more cash to burn)

Saute garlic in the olive oil. Once the garlic has browned, add two packages of sliced portabella caps. Add 1-2 cups of vegan dry white wine and simmer the mushrooms until just limp but not mushy--salt and pepper to taste.

To serve:

Place noodles on a plate and put 5 or 6 mushroom slices on top of the noodles. Voila!

Grilled asparagus:

1 lb. asparagus, cleaned and snapped
1-2 t. olive oil

Place both on a grill over medium heat. Shake your favorite spices over the asparagus as it grills. Turn once, after about 2-3 minutes. Cook until the asparagus turns bright green. Do not cook too long or it will be limp.

*For some reason their website is not working. Here is a site for organic wines though:

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