Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interactive Post! I Ask! You Answer!

Because my brain is made of molasses (mmmmm molasses brains, arghlghlhglghlhglhgl), I only just realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT FRICKING THURSDAY. Holy pilgrims and indians.

So riddle me this, batmen and batwomen:

What are your tried and true and favoritest vegan...

a) stuffing recipes?

b) apple pie recipes (extra points for caramel apple pie recipes or the ones that have the super-delicious crumbly tops)?

c) pumpkin pie recipes?

Extra points for links!

And now, a bit of Thanksgiving creepiness for young and old! Happy early Thanksgiving!


Bootzey said...

Does bean pie count?

I replace the butter, eggs and milk with vegan options and increase the sugar. DELICIOUS!

Roxanne said...

Canadian thanksgiving is always on a Monday... so we always get a 3 day weekend! How come U.S. hasn't gotten into that bandwagon?

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

I've been on a pumpkin kick and haven't made pie but here's an awesome smoothie recipe:

And one for pumpkin chocolate chip bars:

Vonlipi said...

I love bread stuffing and I guess you could easily replace the turkey/chicken stock with a vegan version.

I take one onion chopped and soften in olive oil, add a couple of cloves of garlic chopped, cook a bit, add 2 stalks of celery chopped, some poultry seasonning, a loaf of stale bread cubed, more poultry seasonning, salt and pepper and maybe a cup of stock or more. You want the bread to be wet but not too much.

You put this in a glass dish (vintage Pyrex is better) and cover with foil. You cook it about an hour checking once in a while and adding stock.

If you run out of stock I use tea. It is delicious to us and it is a verbatim recipe from my mother in law who thaught me to cook Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing.

I have a great maple caramel apple pie recipe that I'm sure you could adapt, let me find it :)

VG_Kim said...

This is my super rad pumpkin pie:
Just use regular ginger snaps instead of GF if you want. So good!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about recipes, but I just found out that the pumpkin jell-o is vegan and it would be a tasty addition to a pumpkin pie as it has all the needed spices. Add that to pumpkin and tofu? I dont know I still havent found the perfect combo, but if you ever feel the need to create such a thin with the pumpkin jello pudding, you wont be disappointed. :)

li'l Muppet-lhead said...

no contributions just more thankfulness for your crunchy chocolate truffle pie! It's my son's favorite Thanksgiving desert. I posted a picture of the one I made this year(with links to you!). Thanks again, love love love the desert recipes you post! :)

Anonymous said...

So, I know I'm a little late, but I'm still posting my favorite stuffing recipe. Its a Rachael Ray recipe (UGH, I know...) and is not vegan, but incredibly easy to veganize.

Obviously, I just use non-hydrogenated margarine for butter, and veggie broth for chicken stock.

cheap football jerseys said...

I took a onion pieces and softening in olive oil, add a two disc chop garlic, cook a bit, add 2 root celery cut, some poultry seasonning, a piece of stale bread cubic, more poultry seasonning, salt and pepper and maybe cup or more stock. Do you want bread is wet and not too much.