Thursday, August 05, 2010

I Love Meeting Vegans...

It's like hanging with a best friend that you haven't seen in ten years.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging with Kevin Miller. Dude is awesome. And has an inexplicable fetish for uneven sidewalks that thankfully Cleveland was able to please. Granted he's never seen (or even HEARD of) The Deer Hunter (I mean look at how pissed De Niro is that you've never heard of Deer Hunter, dude):

Fuck you and your pastries, Kevin Miller

so I couldn't make him squeal like a girl when we walked past the building where they shot the wedding ceremony, but he DID do some girly-squealing but only while mimicking ME destroying him at both pool and bar-bowling (WHAT WHAT POOL MASTER! *karate chopping the air*).

For those of you don't remember (or don't know), Kevin is the dude who won the coveted whisk "best in show" trophy at Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe Bake-Off a few years back.

And now he's opening his own bakery in Atlanta.

Check 'em out on Twitter and their up-and-coming web page.

Here he inexplicably eats a 13 in Cleveland:

Really, there's no better way to spend a night in Cleveland than eating a 13. (Well, and maybe also going to Tremont Scoops for vegan ice cream and then getting your ass kicked by a girl in pool at Prosperity Social Club.)

So anyways, go check him out. And if you're in Atlanta, go eat his grub.

Just look for the cool dude with the giant beard and the donuts.

(Hit me up again next time you're in CLE, KM!)


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Anonymous said...

Love it! Unexpectedly meeting new vegans is like christmas come early. Same with finding new vegan blogs and support groups. Come play on my page sometime!