Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Since Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

This is my roof garden:

Isn't it just the loveliest? Doesn't it make you want to squeal with glee? Isn't almost impossible to NOT rip your clothes off while basking on it's beautiful gloriousness?


This is Franny running across my roof in front of the garden, most likely to attack a bug. Or also, a leaf. Both are apparently her arch-enemy:

And THIS is my roof garden with Zooey in the right-hand upper corner, thinking that she will FINALLY figure out how to leap from the roof and be united with one of her many cat boyfriends. She's kind of a slut:

When people post pics of their individual plants on their blogs, I'm always kind of like, "Wow, dude. Your tomato plant is SOOOO much more interesting than ANY OTHER TOMATO PLANT I've ever seen. NOT!"

But I am conceited and also hypocritical, so today I am posting my own. And also because MY TOMATO PLANTS KICK YOUR TOMATO PLANTS' ASSES!

This is what I'm growing in my roof garden...

Tomatoes--roma and big boy. If you can tell me which is which just from the pics, I will send you $1.*

Flowers whose names I cannot remember:


Your mom:

Green peppers:


Don Knotts:

And then, I labeled all these plants, but the labels blew away. So these are some sort of lettuce that I cannot remember, peas, Moon flowers, and snake squash in no particular order. I STILL am not quite sure which is which, so it'll be like having my own garden surprise party once something finally appears other than leaves!

See. What did I say? MY boring pictures of plants are WAY more interesting than yours, my friends.

So don't even post yours.

It'll just make your plants feel inadequate.

*$5 shipping and handling charges may apply.

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Jess of Midwest Vegan said...

That post is hilarious! I love it! Haha. Your mom. Never saw it coming!