Monday, March 16, 2009

Newest Loves

  • My citrus press (got this with a b-day gift card): works amazing, makes a pleasurable sucking noise when you tug the fruit out, and also is heavy enough to disarm a robber.

  • (Mine's red though)

  • Trader Joe's Soyrizo: Suz, holy crap, I owe you one. So fricking good.

  • Somehow easily convincing N/A to get veg sausage patties instead of real ones at the grocery store, and then getting him out of the store without ONE meat item in his cart.

  • Dandy Blend Instant Dandelion Beverage: Decaf. Earthy. Warm. Like coffee if coffee were made of earth and didn't get you insanely jittery after 30 cups. (Thanks again, QBL!)

  • Frank Black's voice: Ok--this one's not REALLY new, 'cause his voice has always made me weirdly lusty, but one of his songs just came on and I had a wistful moment. Oh, Frank Black's voice: if only you were single and not just a voice, I might actually marry you. But marrying a voice is probably not legal in the state of Ohio.

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