Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Improvisational Cooking of the Ass-Less

N-A has been a cooking SLUT as of late. As he said recently, "Thanks for reintroducing me to my love of cooking. And also you are super-awesome and sexy and will one day rule the world and I shall bow to you and lick your feet." (That's not a DIRECT quote, of course.) Anyways, he had a brief stint as a cook at a local tavern/concert venue, so over the past month or so, he's been whipping out (tee hee) several recipes from days of yore for us to eat.

His ability to improvise in the kitchen actually makes me quite envious. Envious, but also inspired. It's been kind of a kick in the butt for ME to start improvising more in the kitchen as well. (Yesterday's recipe, and my Vodka lasagna recipe, being a couple such examples.) New Year's Resolution #17: Keep the improvising up for as long as possible.

The only problem with this as a resolution is a lack of concrete recipes. Which isn't much fun for YOU all, dearest readers. So I'll definitely try to balance out the improvisational cooking with some concrete recipes that I can share.

But unfortunately, because N-A's recipes are of the improvisational variety, I don't have any real recipes to share with you today.

But I do have pics that you can drool over and that will make you consider kidnapping my boyfriend.

But don't even try it.

I bite.

(Mango guacamole--a mix of canned mango/syrup,
avocado, saltines, onions, etc.)

(Stacked tacos--shrooms, tomatoes, beans, corn, peppers, etc., baked,
and topped with vegan sour cream and the aforementioned guac)

(Curried lentil stew--lentils, tofu, broccoli, spices, etc.)

(Some sort of bean/lentil stew--can't remember)

(Tacos--tomatoes, shrooms, beans, corn,
olives, avocado, vegan sour cream, etc.)

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