Monday, July 16, 2007

Yet Another Edition of "Things I Ate and You Didn't"

This weekend was one of those lovely cooking weekends where I felt like I just wanted to stand around being all domestic and shit, in a pretty pink apron, with a large mixing bowl in my hand and a whisk. I heart those kinds of weekends. I think partially my heart was into cooking since it was so temperate and cool out, which always helps when you know you're gonna be busting the oven open a whole lot. Yesterday was particularly wonderful, especially after I made a batch of the eggplant curry from The Candle Cafe Cookbook which made my kitchen all rich and warm with the scents of exotic spices. It is so nice to fill your apartment up with the scent of Indian food.

So today, as I try to cling onto the good cooking vibes, despite it being Monday, I'm gonna brag about some yummy food that I've whipped up recently (but that have recipes I am unable to share). Prepare yourself.

As I mentioned, I whipped up the eggplant curry from The Candle Cafe Cookbook, and it was quite delish. I didn't peel the eggplants, however, since I'm a fan of eggplant skin (which I know many people aren't fond of), and it made some of the eggplant retain its shape a bit more (otherwise the curry is a bit of a mushy one--in a good way, of course). The eggplant in this curry was rich and buttery, just perfect. The only thing I need to figure out how to do is get this dish a BIT more spicy, the way I like my Indian food (I like my Indian food to make me sweat, just like I like my men. BOOYAH!
). I added a HUGE-ASS jalapeno, but that (surprisingly) didn't do much.

On Thursday, I managed to scrounge up $3 in assorted change and decided to treat myself to some sugar from Tremont Scoops, and man was I glad I did because they just happened to have ONE final slice of vegan oreo pie left, this time, full-sized (nothing mini about it). Holy crap. Just as decadent as the mini version, and MAN did I get hooked up with a fat-ass slice! Unfortunately I also found out that Kim is gonna be quitting soon *COUwaytosuckGH*, so I'll miss the delightfully rambling conversations we have about vegan food when I stop in, but that's ok--she'll be spreading the vegan joy elsewhere.

And finally, E and I whipped up some fresh spaghetti sauce this weekend, after I saw a post about someone's white-wine infused spaghetti sauce (I no longer remember where). While it was cooking, I was a bit disappointed in the flavor. I had cut and deseeded about 2 lbs. of roma tomatoes, added fresh basil, olive oil, about 9 cloves of garlic, and some white wine, but something seemed to be missing. I tossed in some oregano, some cayenne, and some season salt, still to no avail. Despite all that, once it hit the noodles, it was all good. Apparently the pasta was the "something more" it was looking for. E contributed by whipping up some grilled portobellas--marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and garlic. They were sweet and delicious (though *he* was not impressed) and I gobbled down WAY too many of them.

Also to come this week: vegan meatloaf from the Vegetarian Times, Boston Cream Pie (that I stumbled across courtesy of Bazu, though hers was *much* prettier), and E's vegan macaroni salad.

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