Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Food! Food! Food! In My Mouf! Mouf! Mouf!

So yeah, Friday night I had all to myself--the first time in forever--so I initially had plans to try making myself one of the General Tso's tofu recipes I've seen floating around lately. But then I made the glorious mistake of stopping at Nature's Bin and decided to treat my lazy-ass self instead and just buy a whole bunch of little sides and numblies to eat for dinner... and lunch... and dessert. Ah gluttony. The upside of it all was that despite all the food you see, I spent no more than $10.

Seriously, if you ever happen to be in the Cleveland area and just wanna gorge on deli-style vegan goodies, you must trek your ass over to Nature's Bin. Their deli selection fluctuates on a (presumably) daily basis, so there's always something new to seduce you. They never have less than a dozen or so selections, from the likes of various bean or grain salads to mock-chicken nuggets to pasta dishes to a variety of baked goods. It's glorious. Not to mention the fact that for the majority of their deli goods, they list out a (generified) version of the ingredients on the label for you. This is not the case with *ALL* their goods, but as a general rule, most of the salads and pastas have all the ingredients right there for you which, for a nerdy vegan cook, is a dream come true seeing as if you end up absolutely adoring a salad or something, you have the basic ingredients in front of you to toy with on your own sometime.

Top all that with the fact that, honest to god, I've not had one item in their deli case that I haven't been impressed with (I mean seriously--how amazing is that? Typically you stumble across *something* or another that just ends up being a turd-licious bomb, and yet I've liked--with much gusto--every damn thing I've eaten out of here), and you can see why it's hard to control myself at Nature's Bin...

Did I mention that I heart Nature's Bin?

Anyways, onwards to the actual food p0rn. Try to control yourself, as an immediate vicarious orgasm may ensue just from viewing!

Quinoa Salad--quinoa, carrots, almonds, scallions, soy sauce, and more

Curried Cashew Pilaf--Curry, Cashews, Pilaf, Duh.

Vegan Chicken Parmesan--A vegan chicken pattie nestled beneath a layer of vegan cheese which has been melted over some juicy tomato-chunks

Vegan Lasagna--Spinachy lasagna with a tofu-ricotta and sprinkled with delicately-sliced almonds

Chocolate Cake--their gloriously dense and Lindy-Loo approved sweet yummy sugar-tastic frosting

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