Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Newest Edition of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches by Which People Stumble Across This Blog"


"Let's Make Fun of Stupid People for Being Stupid and Also Gross!"

With brilliant commentary by the brilliant Lindy Loo who is also awesome and apparently brilliant.

  • girls shits in cake mixture

  • asses shitting free movie tube [In today's faltering economy, these really ARE the kinds of asses you want to know.]

  • why are vegetarians such assholes [because we have to deal with fucktards like you asking fucktarded questions like this one, fucktard]

  • Teen ass tube

  • rose ass tube

  • Moms ass tube

  • hot mama

  • how to lick your lips seductively [You have surely come to the wrong place for answers to that. *Drooling profusely from my fat drool-mouth*]

  • eat my ass tube [No thank you. I just had a big lunch.]

  • Heart Attack Balls

  • When the shit hit the pan

  • 3 cups and shit

  • Where does the name lindy loo come

  • Lentils make my shit green [Congrats, dude!]

  • Vegetable facking [clearly not getting laid because (s)he can't spell]

  • Nippules pic [probably has never seen a nipple in real life. Or excuse me: "nippule"]

  • Pleasantly plump pussy [aww yeah to alliteration]

  • Freddie prinze [Freddie Prinze: Rocking the vegan ass tube circuit.]

  • Vegan jumbo mac n cheese [hell, *I* now want to see the jumboiest mac n cheese too, dammit! I hope it's like 6'5" and manly!]

  • Eating shit directly from ass [Fuck utensils! Just dig in!]

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