Monday, November 03, 2008

Meme This, Motherf-ers!

Got tagged by Eat a Vegan, and since I haven't seen this meme before, and since it's buttfucking early in the morn and I'd much rather be thinking about all the places I'd rather be right now other than here, I'm taking her up on the challenge.

1. Four Places I Go Over and Over
  • The Westside Market--Every Friday morning. I love me some fresh veggies.

  • Prosperity Social Club--I get my drink on here fairly regularly. It's become my favorite local bar. Helps that they have a pool table and a great patio.

  • My neighborhood library--I'm one of those nerds who always has shit on order and who the librarians know by name.

  • Civilization Coffee Shop--I am a bagel whore and they have my favorite bagels.

2. Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly
  • Bo

  • N-A

  • P

  • Thinking that it's got to be super uninteresting for you to read the answer for this one since you're just gonna be like: Oh yay. Four people that I totally don't know.

3. Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
  • Still in bed with my two cats curled up against me, purring.

  • Still in bed with N-A curled up next to me and snoring to wake the dead.

  • At N-A's in the summer, sitting out on his porch with a bunch of his friends, smoking, drinking, and talking shit.

  • Messing up my sheets with N-A.

4. Four of My Favorite Places to Eat
  • Melt--Vegan grilled cheez!

  • Johnny Mango--How I can manage to regularly finish off one of their Big Plates and still only weigh 130 lbs is beyond me.

  • Mint Cafe--Bubble tea! Awesome curries! Yum soup!

  • Pacific East--still my favorite sushi place.

5. Four TV Shows I Watch Over and Over
  • The Office--I can watch this shit over and over and do whenever possible.

  • The Simpsons/Family Guy--I catch the reruns sometimes while eating dinner.

  • The Wire--I don't watch this over and over, but it's definitely in my top 3 televisions shows of all time.

  • Six Feet Under--See "The Wire."

6. Four Bands/Musicians You Just Can't Get Enough of This Month

(I switched the tagging question cuz, well, if you wanna meme this, then consider yourself tagged)

  • Kings of Leon--I don't know why, but I'm smitten as of late.

  • Wow--I'm a douche and can't really think of any others. I've basically been listening to the Kings of Leon station for weeks on Pandora Radio. *COUobsessedGH*

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