Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Orange-Rosemary Olives

Recipe from Fresh and Fast Vegan Pleasures.

I am a bit more worrisome than most about posting recipes from cookbooks on-line (even if I *do* give them credit) because I think it's only right for folks to be able to own the shit they do. But my new recipe-posting theory is this: if it's a simple enough recipe that I can still remember all the ingredients and their quantities a few days after making it and/or I can track down several very similar recipes on-line (case in point: Rosemary Orange Olives at, then it's fair game for posting. Especially when it's a recipe as simple (though damn good) as this one.

I shall still give credit where credit is due of course, but I shall post them until someone objects--in which case, I shall challenge said objector to a vegan-pudding wrestling match! *Hut hut!*

You can woo mates with these olives, you can raise the dead, and you can curl the toes of those who like when orange and rosemary bed together. They's yummy and sexy. And they're simple to boot. So yay for olives!

  • 1.5-2 c. mixed kalamata and green olives

  • 2-4 sprigs fresh rosemary

  • 2-4 thick pieces of orange zest

  • A handful of fresh parsely, finely cut

  • Olive oil


Place all of these together in a container and allow to marinate. I used 3 T. olive oil, but your olives may already have a large amount of oil on them, so the amount you use is up to you. Let sit at least a couple hours, preferably UNrefrigerated (the olives gunk up and absorb all the oil, looking ooey gooey and goopy if you refrigerate them)--if you refrigerate overnight or something, make sure they sit out at least an hour or so before serving. Eat around the rosemary sprigs and orange-bits (the recipe says to remove them before serving, but I think they're too pretty of a garnish to remove).

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