Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dorkling It Up

I'm very disappointed to say that I only cooked one thing this weekend, and it was something whose recipe was already featured on prior occasion on this blog (my roasted couscous and cranberry salad, with modifications minor enough not to warrant a mention here). I've been busy as of late--the weekends have been chockfull of activity. So I've not found much time to cook.

However, I *have* been finding time to have other folks cook for me instead. A few weekends back, my friend dorklepork had us over for vegan BLT's, homemade guac and black-bean dip, and the homemade avocado ice cream that inspired this undertaking. I didn't take pictures though, unfortunately.

But this weekend, she cooked out for us (hence my contribution of the roasted couscous and cranberry salad), and I *did* have enough wherewithall to take pics. So although I have no recipes for you, I do have a gorgeous food porn pic for you to drool over.

And I do have this to say: strawberries grilled with a bit of maple syrup are *amazingly* fricking good.

  • Grilled fruit (strawberries, bananas, peaches, pears, mango, and nectarines)

  • Marinated tofu (dorklepork's special recipe--all we can tell you without having to kill you afterwards is that it has a peanut-butter base and is *damn* fricking good)

  • My roasted couscous and cranberry salad

  • An apple-salad (also dorklepork's special recipe--something along the lines of apples, celery, cilantro, and tabasco, though more special because it was made with love... and probably some other ingredients that I've failed to mention here)

  • Grilled corn with lime (inspired by Fat-free vegan--really good fresh corn and a bit of tangy lime is about the best damn thing you'll taste at a cookout)

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