Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tofurkey Day!

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So Thanksgiving! How dare I take so long to post about such a bountiful day of food! Laziness, my friends. On account of all the tryptophan! (Which, my bitches, is found in things other than turkey, so don't you EVEN get all up in my grill about that!)

So yes: Thursday was a fun Tofurkey day, but a brief one--a veritable wham bam thank you ma'am-type Thanksgiving, mostly because one of my sibs was home from Chicago and had to be at the bus station by 5 to get back. So we had T-day at my house, since my house is the closest to the bus station and afforded us the most amount of time to stupor it up after eating. It was also my one sister's birthday, so we kind of jammed food and gifts up into a brief four hours or so. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful day, and I must say, most certainly the BEST Thanksgiving meal we've had over the past five or so years. (And all vegan to boot!)

However, because I'm evil (but a NICE kind of evil), I'm only bringing you a menu today. MWAHAHAHAHA!

  • Two Tofurkeys--mom

  • Tempeh sausage (from VwaV) with biscuits (from Vegan Dad) & gravy (from The Vegan Family Favorites)--me

  • MacGyver Mac n' Cheez--me

  • Apple-cranberry stuffing--me

  • Sweet potatoes with cranberries and pecans--my mom

  • My mom's green bean casserole--mom

  • Ice cream cake bar for my sister's birthday--me

  • Beer--and lots of it

It was really a fantastic feast, the highlights being the stuffing (which was beyond fantastic--recipe this week) and my mom's always amazing green bean casserole.

The only disappointment was actually the tempeh sausage from VwaV. I made a double-batch and really regretted having done so since barely anyone ate any. It was much too potent, and (maybe it's just me but) I'm not a huge fan of biting into large bits of fennel seed. And with something like 2+ Tablespoons of it for just one batch, that's a lot of fennel. The only thing that really made it worthwhile is my mom peering skeptically at the tempeh sausage not once but two or three times and asking, "So what is this again?? Tabouleh??"

Stay tuned this week for an astonishingly tasty stuffing recipe and more info on that ice cream cake bar which--trust me--you'll want to hear all about.

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