Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Franny and Zooey!

So I am the suckiest suckfest in SuckFest City and totally missed the one-year anniversary of adopting my cats, despite the fact that I spent weeks prior thinking and musing and reminiscing about the strange and lovely and disarming way that the two of them ended up in my life. I suck.

But perhaps it's even more fitting that I suddenly remembered yesterday and am able to post this today, seeing as it's the week of Thanksgiving, and of all the things in my life this year, I am most thankful for these two roommates of mine and the fact that we made it through the year safely and happily (despite two escapes off my roof and the piece of poop that chased Franny through our apartment during 90-degree weather).

So yes--happy anniversary, Franny and Zooey, my most darlingest of cats. I can hardly think of anything in my life that I feel more blessed about than to have you two cuddly and rambunctious deviants to come home to.


And now...

You can read more about them HERE and about their very beginning as my roommates HERE.

*This will be my only post this week, for those of you who read my blog regularly--I will, however, be back with tons of holiday recipes next week, no doubt. =)

Happy holidays.

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