Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So I've made these cookies twice in the past week (for two different occasions), but seeing as I posted the recipe once before, I figured I wouldn't post it (or pics) again, really.

But after the crazed and enthusiastic responses I got to them, I figured I should say SOMETHING about them, seeing as the people who ate them fell fanatically in love with them.

The second batch I made was for E's sister's engagement party. They went like wildfire.

E called me the next day and said, "Apparently you are now the designated cookie-maker for the family. My mom said several people had been calling her and other family members trying to get ahold of the recipe." Not only that, but his mom also apparently is absolutely smitten with these cookies as well. According to E, she told him that her favorite cookies were always these yummy chocolate chip cookies that her mom used to bake her when she was little. But after tasting these, she's decided that she has a new favorite cookie.

Vegan cookies beating out sweet nostalgic memories of a mom's homemade cookies recipe? I thought I'd never see the day.

So, ladies and gents, let this be a hearty suggestion to you all:

If you really wanna impress the family at a family gathering, if you wanna impress those co-workers, if you wanna get some random stone cold fox in the sack, these are the cookies for you. They are damn simple too, but they will, with absolute certainty, impress.


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